Our Quality Policy and Business Principles

Our Quality Policy

To maintain the superiority of our product and service quality, which we believe is the most effective factor in the long-term and continued success of our company and our customers.
To research products that would meet the changing and developing requests of our customers; to maintain the joint force stemming from the team mentality in order to develop the existing products and services.
To integrate with our customers and offer high quality products for the projects that utilize our products.
To keep all material and emotional resources and capabilities of our company alive in order to achieve perfection; to mobilize all our power for the best products.

Our Values and Business Principles

To glorify BİMA's business culture, prestige and ideals,
To treasure customer satisfaction above everything else,
To be open for change and improvement,
To focus on being the best in business,
To work honestly via superior business ethics,
To stress that human resources are the most important capital we have,
To be sensitive to the environment.