Tychem 6000 F

Tychem F barrier in new innovative design.


·         Smart design features: innovative hood which fits perfectly full face masks, double cuffs, zippers & flaps

·         New ergonomic pattern, developed by DuPont safety engineers

·         Offers greater freedom of movement

·         Lightweight, durable DuPont unique fabric (ca 500 g / suit)

·         Inside knitted cuffs for enhanced comfort

·         The garment can be reused if not contaminated or damaged



Hooded coverall. Double cuffs, double zippers, and double flaps. Stitched and over-taped seams.



Tychem® 6000 F garment is typically used for a broad range of applications, from chemical spill clean-up, emergency response to petrochemical applications.


Product detail
Colour / Reference / Size
Grey / TF2 CHZ5 T GY 00 / M to XXXL