Tychem Thermopro

Single layer, triple-threat protection garments and accessories for 360° protection


·         Synergy of two unique and long-proven Technologies from DuPont: Tychem® for the chemical protection and Nomex® for the heat and flame and electric arc protection

·         Protection against organic and inorganic chemicals. Tested for permeation against >240 chemicals

·         Tested on DuPont Thermo-Man thermal mannequin: up to 8% predicted body burn injury for an average of 98% chances of survival in case of a flash fire

·         Electric arc rating: ATPV = 15 cal/cm2

·         Single-layer allowing a great scope of movement

·         Can be reused if not contaminated or damaged


Hooded coverall is available in bright orange for high visibility. Respirator-fit hood with drawstrings, elasticated wrists and hemmed open ankles. Long zipper extends to chin for complete coverage of the neck area. Double flap, zipper, hook, and loop closure system for higher protection. Sewn with Nomex® thread.



Tychem® ThermoPro typical applications include use in the oil & gas industry, petrochemicals, transportation of flammable substances, industrial fire brigades, emergency response teams, laboratories, industrial chemical processing plants, use during clandestine lab investigation and semiconductor manufacturing.