About Us

BİMA INTERNATIONAL MARKETING, CONSULTING , MANUFACTURING, INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, LTD. INC. TD was founded in 1998 in Ankara as a company that operates in the paint industry. In 2005, it became a foreign trade company, and changed its trade name in order to meet the increasing demand from the domestic market. BİMA possesses an ISO 9001:2008 quality system certificate.

BİMA constantly aims to extend its product line, imports products from the leading companies throughout the world, and offers these for the use of its customers in the domestic market.

Moreover, it also serves the leading global companies of our country via the innovative and special products that are manufactured by BİMA.

BİMA has chosen the environmental and construction sectors in general as its primary areas of work, and it offers its users innovative and special products and services, which give an edge to the customers in these sectors. Thanks to its vast international databank, BİMA is able to precisely determine the customers' problems, and implement solutions for these problems quickly and flawlessly.